git diff – shortstat

How to see how much you had done sometimes you want to see how many files you had changed shortstat git diff –shortstat master 3465 files changed, 80988 insertions(+), 1466343 deletions(-) 0 Files Changed 0 insertions(+) 0 deletions(-) Awesome All Tests are OK BenBar Programmer

git checkout local project

git checkout local project       git clone path/to/source/folder path/to/destination/folder easy Darth Papa Sith

Git Repository -> ICloud

Git Repository -> ICloud Is it possible to set up a git repository in the Icloud? Yes it is! That is very helpful, if you are working on different OS X Devices! 1) we need a simbolic link $ cd ~$ ln -s Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/ ICloud$ cd ICloud 2) create a git repository $ mkdir […]

GIT Delete All merched Branches

Git Repository -> ICloud Git / Local Delete all Branches that are merched git branch –merged | egrep -v “(^*|master|dev)” | xargs git branch -d Darth Papa Sith

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